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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Germaphobe Jennifer Lawrence Says ‘Dick Is Dangerous’

I also don't see a problem with her statement.

"lupus in fabula, venit enim ad me."

Translation: I will always hate Fox for canceling The Exorcist.

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Hard to believe someone thinks dick is dangerous when there are pictures of her with spooge on her face all over the internet.

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She is hot in that picture.

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Another silly comment made by one of the faces of the annoying #MeToo & #TimesUp movement. The best way to counter the #MeToo & #TimesUp movement is for males to boycott watching Hollywood films. Hitting their hip pocket and they will get the message and soon stop pushing their nonsense PC witch hunt on all rich men. #MeToo & #TimesUp is a false flag social media movement that only serves the interests of rich women.

Her ass was dangerous. For me at least. People don't forget.

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She should own up to liking the D. That cat is already out of the bag.