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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Copyright Information May Suggest Smash Switch is a Port

HintHRO said:
Mar1217 said:
Or you could easily just point out the different font for the Smash logo they used.

I disagree, it's a new Smash.

New generation = New Smash

Exactly! Just like:

New generation = new Mario Ka- wait...

New generation = new Pokken To- nope...

New generation = new Donkey Kong Co- that's not right... 

New generation = new Captain To- uhh...

I give up

New... Zelda?


Does it count?

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weraru_1 said:
PwerlvlAmy said:
I'm just glad I live to see Links recovery move in the game being his glider to float back to the fighting stage

His recovery will be Revali's Gale. Then he'll float down on his glider .

would be pretty cool

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OP, you are using copyright info to "prove" it's a port whilst many others are using that very info to "prove" it's completely new.

Here's a statement: no one knows. I'm calling it now. (But please be new... and have a story mode.)

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