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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy coming to Switch

pikashoe said:
Slownenberg said:
That's good for Switch and all..but does anyone else think that Crash games suck?? I was super surprised that this game is selling so crazy well on ps4. I only ever played the first Crash game, but in the age of Super Mario 64 when I played Crash I was like uhhh what a mediocre game! Maybe the later games were better but they didn't seem like they'd be better. Maybe Mario 64 being like 100 times better just spoiled me. Anyway apparently they are popular so I'm sure it'll sell a bunch on Switch and is a solid grab for Nintendo.

Crash 1 is by a large margin the worst of the original trilogy. Give the 2nd or 3rd games a shot, they are way better than the first.

This. I especially fancy part 3