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Why don't you have an Xbox?

Not interested in the games 67 29.91%
Don't like the console 4 1.79%
Don't like the controller 1 0.45%
Don't like MS 20 8.93%
I have a gaming PC 25 11.16%
No money for 2nd/3rd console 12 5.36%
All of the above 11 4.91%
Mixture of the above 44 19.64%
Xbox Owner seeing the results 40 17.86%

I’d rather spend my money on products of passion.

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Because it's inferior to every competitor.  If it had any exclusives worth owning I may have one, but why when they are all on PC?

I've never been very interested in their 1st party offerings, plus I really dislike their focus on online gaming and games as a service.

The games they make are just generally not for me, I prefer Sony's western and Japanese style output.... MS's games just dont do it for me (except Alan wake). They also are too much like a big company, making Gas games... really not for me to support that.

Single player all the way and Sony have that in spades, while I can use GOG or steam for anything else.

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

I realised today that if Fable 4 came out I would buy a Xbox instantly.
Really miss it.
Then I would buy Forza too as it seems to be the only good racing game left.