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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - State of Decay 2 releasing May 22 for $30

flashfire926 said:
Bandorr said:

I think it will be fascinating if Halo 6 comes out this year.  No main halo game has been announce and released in the same year that I can find.

There is usually a year difference between the E3 announcement, and the game releasing. With halo 5 being a two year break.  So Halo 6 being announced AND releasing in the same year would  be quite different.

That is only a 5 month turn around. There is very little time to hype up the game.

I think we're seeing a shift to shorter reveal-to-release times in the industry. Bethesda has already committed to 5-month cycle,  and Nintendo is doing it too (at least for its B-tier and third party games) 

I feel like the 5 month cycle will actually produce more hype than normal,  like fallout 4

That was Fallout 4.  a 7 year difference. Halo 6 will be hitting 3 years. Also keeping in mind that (at that time) there was only 4 fall outs. Where there have been many, many Halo's.

But anything is possible, so I'm curious to see what happens.  I don't expect another two year turn around, but I also don't expect it this year. Specially since they actually have games to release this year.

They have seas, decay, Forza, and crackdown alone.  If Ori comes out this there, I'd say there is no way Halo 6 comes out this year. That (for Microsoft) is way overloading the year.

I expect ori and Halo 6 next year.

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Nice price on the Ultimate Edition. I’ll buy that unless the DLC is cheaper than $20 as I don’t care about the free copy of the first game, it’s in Game Pass already.

The teaser trailer looks soo good. Really looking forward to this now.

Wow that teaser did look good.

I wonder how co-op and permadeath will work? Have they elaborated on that?