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This is pretty much inverse of the 3DS "ambassador program"... early adopters, on a successful launch, got f'd.

Going forward, sure, its an OK deal. But there should have been a chance to redeem some games (by a certain cutoff date, at least) for the early coins, in line with what they offer for 3DS/Wii U, which is about 30-50 gold coins for indie titles.. I spent nearly $1000 on games the first year to only get about $5? Its a gotdamn joke...

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I traded in 25 of my gold coins for a discount on a Wii U Virtual Console game. Paid €2.49, got a discount of €2.50 (that's 10 cent per gold coin for those who are slow with maths). Received 13 gold coins for my purchase (5% of my spending, rounded up).

For those of you who have multiple Nintendo consoles, it might be worth checking out if there are any Wii U or 3DS games/discounts for your liking. Gold coins can be used across three consoles, regardless of where the gold coins came from. Wii U and 3DS still use the old trade-in values, but for purchases they use the new rates. I would have received no gold coins for the above purchase under the old conditions.

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Was hoping to be able to cash in on Zelda after the new system was in place to get 60 coins instead of 12 but nope, now I get nothing for it. Guess I could still get the coins on the EU eShop, but I doubt I'll have to buy anything from there. Man these time limits are so annoying, if it weren't for them the tiny amount of coins obtained per game wouldn't be as laughable as you could atleast build them up over time.