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Forums - General Discussion - How do you cope with knowing you will die?

It depends what I'm playing, games are pretty forgiving these days, I know I'll die but it probably won't set me back very much. If it's an old game then I know I'll probably die a lot but eventually through perseverance, I'll get better or get lucky and make progress slowly.

Sometimes I might use save states...yeah ok I know what you meant. I suppose I cope by mostly ignoring it. I know I will die, it scares me. It worries and upsets me that my death will severely impact and possibly ruin someone else's life. It's all very sad and mostly pointless to think about so if I find my mind wandering that way, I refuse to let it go any further. I just think about or do something else.

As I have gotten older it does occupy my thoughts more, and since I've not looked after my health very well for the past 6 years or so, death feels more likely to come than it used to. When I was 20, I was aware that I would die but it seemed like my body was nowhere near ready to go so it was easy to ignore and at that stage my entire lifespan could probably repeat twice and I'd still have time left. Now though, I have seen people go, some close, others not so close but people I knew, people fitter than me, younger than me dying so easily that these days I'm much more aware that death could be very close. Also for about the last 16 years I have had very regular sleep apnea and sleep paralysis and most nights (at least several a week and sometimes multiple times a night) I will become panicked as I realise I'm still asleep but not breathing, my heart races as I try to force myself awake, and try to manually start breathing. Plenty of times like this I've felt like time was running out and I've often thought that one night, I will fail to wake and resume breathing or my heart won't be able to take it. I assume that if this does happen then as my consciousness fades it might be frightening and painful but I think there's a chance it won't last long before I'm unaware and dead.

In all, I do worry about death more than I used to and worry about those I leave behind but I know worrying will do little good and possibly even bring it closer. So I try to just focus on the kind of life I want to have, not living each day like it's the last but just trying not to live in misery. I'd say it's had some positive effects.

While I haven't made serious attempts to improve my health yet, I have changed my outlook and they way I deal with and treat people, especially those close to me. I also have multiple lipomas and so I find myself more regularly checking that none have changed, worrying slightly that perhaps one of them isn't benign after all, this never used to consume my thoughts, when I was younger, I hoped medical advances might have beaten cancer by the time I needed it but now I take it more seriously and hopefully will notice any change early on. In general I take my life a little more seriously and less for granted than I once did. I think if I can improve my health then I'll worry even less frequently too.

So I suppose the way I cope with knowing that I'm going to die is to focus more on the fact that I'm currently alive and I'll deal with death when I'm dead.

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Hmmm, I think it's a combination of looking at the bigger picture that eventually everyone and everything will turn to dust along with me, AND the fact that while I might not be quite prepared now, several years or decades in the future I'll be more prepared to deal with death, as I'll be a much more experienced and altogether different person with a more mature mindset.


"We hold these truths t-be self-ful evident. All men and women created by the.. Go-you know the.. you know the thing!" - Joe Biden

"Nobody exists on purpose, no one belongs anywhere, it's all meaningless and nothing you ever did or will ever do matters and everybody's gonna die. (Rick Sanchez)"

I don´t know if we shoud have purpose or belong to somewhere, but everything to be meaningless sounds weird. Things, people, actions and feelings have a meaning for me, so from my point of view its not just meaningless. From the view of the universe, moon and my next door neighbour, most things that I do might be meaningless, but for others they might mean a lot. What I did and what I will do matter to me and to some others.

Does it matter if i know that I am going to die or if I don´t know it? I know that at some point I will probably die, but until I have more exact information on that it doesn´t matter that much. Maybe it in itself, kind of gives a meaning to do something meaningful. To try to live the life that I would want to live, to experience life, to live. One could think of life as a game that can probably played only once and with no option to pause or save game. The game about you and everyone else. What has a meaning to you? What makes you happy?

Do we really completely stop to exist if we pass our genes and knowledge to others and in that way alter the future? If someone still remembers you when you are dead, are then completely gone? If some of the same genes that you had still exist?

Death, life, time, space, world, nothingness and what/who I am, are things that can mess with my mind, both in a good and in a bad way :D Fear is not a good answer or a way to deal with death, but I don´t know what is.

VGPolyglot said:
siebensus4 said:
The fact that death is something negative is just something what our system/media tells us. Actually it's only the fact that your soul leaves your physical body. Be sure that you have reached as many of your life targets/dreams as possible. If you don't know your life targets, just go out into the nature, enjoy the silence and manage your thoughts. Appreciate your life and make as many experiences as possible!

I appreciate the sentiment However I can't bring myself to believe that, considering that our consciousness comes from our brain.

I know this sounds a bit weird and maybe esoteric. Well, then just imagine that you are living in a spiritual world. Everything made by humans has a spiritual origin. First comes the idea, then comes the effect in the physical world. For example: first you think that you would like to create something, then your body creates it. It's never the other way round. That's how everything works in the physical world. In other words: you can completely change your future. You are mainly a spiritual being which can make experiences in a physical body. Even if you die, other persons will mainly remember your spirit and less your body. If you are one with yourself you can talk to your soul – and you will quickly get an answer. Maybe you remember that you were able to do it when you were a child. You can still do it if you want to. Try to make less decisions by your brain and more on a gut level. Feelings are much faster than your thoughts. You know if you like a person within 2 seconds – just with your feelings, for example. Most things work without words. Damn, now we're a bit off topic...

What I'd like to say is – the physical world is not everything. It's just another way to make experiences. It's a privilege to see, hear, touch, smell, taste. But one thing is reserved only for human beings: giving and receiving love. That's one of the main reasons to live. Maybe you know the saying: you only get what you give. So first you have to give – and then you will get what you have given. This will change the reaction of people, animals and even plants.

I don't have read many books in my life, but one book I recommend to all people. It's a factual report about a russian hermit girl who lives in Siberia. Then you maybe get an idea how far we are away from our origin. It really changes your consciousness and view of the nature and system we are living in. It's called "Anastasia - The Ringing Cedars" by Vladimir Megre. It's actually a book series of 10 books. I'd recommend to start with the first, of course ^^

When AI takes over we will all be consumed into drones like Borg.

Honestly, just enjoy life as much as possible as it is short.

and personally, I strongly believe in Reincarnation, a religious subject I rather not get into here, but its just me. I have been around death alot in my life and lost many beloved people through the years. I believe in the afterlife and finding peace as you leave this world. What lies afterwards is anyones guess, if you were able to sense the lost loved ones and peace they have found it brings me comfort.