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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [PoTW] Which platform do you use most for gaming?


Which platform do you use most for gaming?

PlayStation 4 1,148 37.90%
Xbox One 326 10.76%
Nintendo Switch 922 30.44%
Nintendo 3DS 92 3.04%
PlayStation Vita 41 1.35%
Personal Computer 338 11.16%
Mobile (cell phone/tablet) 37 1.22%
Retro consoles 85 2.81%
Other (browser games, arcade games, etc.) 9 0.30%
I don't play games 31 1.02%

Currenlty, Nintendo Switch. I was PS4 before that, but seeing how I value my portability and Nintendo keeps releasing games that interest me, I find it hard to make time for my PS4 anymore. Even if they are ports of games that I passed on before, they are still new to me so I do not feel like I am missing out.

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when i was hooked on elder scrolls online it was PC but now Im playing my PS4 and 3DS more

 Been away for a bit, but sneaking back in.

Gaming on: PS4, PC, 3DS. Got a Switch! Mainly to play Smash

Equally to be honest.

Right now its between PC and PS4 - doing a KH marathon on PS4 and playing games back to back on PC.

Doing a swap cycle with PS3, WiiU and Wii while with the portables 3DS, PSP and DS.


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