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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ni No Kuni 2 versus Kirby Star Allies


Which game will win?

Ni No Kuni, both in sales and MC 23 35.38%
Kirby, both in sales and MC 11 16.92%
Ni No Kuni in sales, Kirby in MC 2 3.08%
Kirby in sales, Ni No Kuni in MC 29 44.62%
PortisheadBiscuit said:

Kirby wins in terms of sales just on brand recognition, people will see the Pink ball and purchase without much thought.

How many Kirby games have outsold the first NNK?

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Azzanation said:

Cuphead has them both beat, its the perfect mixture of the two, platforming of Kirby with an artys look like Ni No Kuni. Interesting to see if they have the legs to outsell it.

I honestly say Ni No Kuni on Reviews but Kirby with the legs.. or feet.. what ever he has.

Cuphead looks nothing like Ni No Kuni. Cuphead has an original but ugly, 1930d cartoon artstyle.