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Ka-pi96 said:
SKMBlake said:

When I said "they did nothing wrong", I meant there was nothing surprising of how Microsoft announced the Xbox One. They did what they always intended to do. They were under the spotlight for a generation just because Sony made a mistake (the overpriced PS3), but even at the end of the 7th generation, Sony won.

Now they will go just like Sega, expecting from people to buy their console just because they once bought the Xbox 360. The next Xbox will probably sell less, or, at least, the same.

People weren't surprised by how shit a console it was going to be and how many anti-consumer practices they were trying to force on to it?

They introduced online subscription service way before everyone else, the DRM thing was the follow-up. Like Coktoe said, that's how Microsoft is.


And again, if the PS3 wasn't too expensive, Xbox 360 wouldn't be successful, Xbox Live wouldn't be a thing and Sony wouldn't jump on the subscription train.


But because of how Microsoft didn't understand the fact that they only sold a lot of Xbox 360 because the PS3 was expensive and not because people loved to pay more and more for what Microsoft was trying to sell to them, the Xbox One's launch was a failure, and so is the whole X1 generation.

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bowserthedog said:
I'm really surprised that Xbox One is still finishing last even with Xbox One X on the market. Looks like it had a nice launch and then mostly dried up.

Its still selling better than last year though. Anyone thinking it would double or triple in sales compared to last year was delusional...

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It feels good to have new numbers and big week for the PS4! MHW blew Japan up!!!! Everywhere else is almost normal for the PS4 lol. Next week should be big as well! Switch still selling great and look at the XB1 with a good week as well. Very nice!

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