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Forums - Sports Discussion - Germany eliminates Canada in Olympic ice hockey

Barozi said:
Teeqoz said:
They better not win the finals because I want that first place in the medal table.

ugh so close, but congratz to the first place.



I blame Felix Loch who threw away his gold medal in the last race.

What a performance from Marit Bjørgen in the 30km.... Stunning. Securing Norway the first place, winning gold in her last olympic event ever, and becoming the most winning winter olympian of all time with that gold medal. Just wow...

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Errorist76 said:
COKTOE said:

Wish I would have seen this yesterday when the thread was active, but I found this kinda funny/odd: 

Germany issues ‘travel advisory’ after beating Canada in 2018 Winter Olympics hockey


Sorry about the ginormous text. Ha.

Haha that was kind of hilarious . German newspapers were showing some very rude and angry headlines from Canadian newspapers and Germans visiting Canada were officially advices not to mention the subject of Ice Hockey while visiting for their own safety 😂

i don’t even....

Oh really? Wow. I mean, I'm not totally surprised because there are idiots everywhere. I tried to stay up for the gold medal game, but was so tired, I fell asleep during the first intermission just past 11pm. So close for Germany. Looked like a good game.

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I think the real story here is that a fictional country owned by Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to get a hockey team together ;P

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