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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - After Playing Nintendo Switch I think Microsoft should Make 2 consoles in 2021-2022

Pinkie_pie said:
The switch came out 4 years after the wii u so it's possible for a portable xbox one x to come out 4 years after the xbox one x

Yes, but the WiiU wasn't a state of the art powerhouse when it released.

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zorg1000 said:
SuperRetroTurbo said:

I think at some point MS will inevitably enter the handheld division. But I think they're going to wait until the tech meets both 360 specs (bare minimal )and advanced peripheral specs.

In other words, I think when handhelds evolve to a point where they are no longer considered the proverbial hand-held...then MS will debut their portable device.

Poratable VR or AR..more than likely.

Highly unlikely.

Microsoft has been in the hardware game for 17 years now, why would they all of a sudden jump into the handheld market now?

360 specs for a portable is already a thing, Switch is a moderate upgrade over 360 and many smartphones tablets specs are greater than 360 

Portable VR/AR already exists on smartphones/tablets.


Neither of these things are going to make an Xbox Portable sell well and since 1980 when Nintendo got into the handheld market with Game & Watch, only one out of dozens of competitors have been successful.

Microsoft releasing a handheld would be a terrible idea.

Forgive me for the 360 line. I've said it here before ...that I'm relatively new to this gen. I took a break late last gen. I was two seconds from googling the specs for the Switch right after I posted...because I was pretty sure of what you had reiterated.

Anyway...I know we have VR and AR compatibility with phones but even still...those add one aren't exactly what I meant by the proverbial hand-held. No hand-held to date meets that standard... which is what i was trying to say. 

I predicted back in 2009 that systems would be released with a type of screen. I didn't exactly predict it being an actual portable console but a screen nonetheless. 

Why do I think MS will inevitably release a hand-held? Because I don't believe the concept of the Switch is a fad. I honestly believe it to be the new way to play...or at least conceptually...the basis of gaming.

Because of this...and I should have been more clear...MS will almost be forced into the portable division by way of industry standards.

I also believe that the way we play will be drastically different by the next 3 to 4 gens...quite possibly sooner...something that relies heavily on AR and portability.

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i dont think sony or ms will make a portable. switch will remain portable king and they know it. just like the 3ds and gameboy.

if anyone enters the portable space they lose billions in r&d to nintendo because they dont sell like nintendos portables.

that being said i think the switch is VERY underwhelming tbh.