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Forums - Gaming Discussion - >90 METACRITIC: The Nintendo Switch has more Games than PS4 and XB1 together (First Year)

CGI-Quality said:
pikashoe said:

His reply literally says that he wasn't refuting that it got good reviews last gen. The point he is making is that he feels the game was overrated last gen, and that this gen the reviews are more in line with how he views the game.

Best to just agree to disagree, at this point. My discussion with him has already been solved and I got what he was saying.

@ Alkibiádēs: Having a second look at this gen's scores, I wouldn't really call 76, 77, and 79 mediocre. Just not as strong as it was last gen.

Some games were groundbreaking when originally made but when simply ported they are less than stellar on the new landscape... that certainly doesn't make the game score inflated or overrated when it launched.

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Switch has had helluva first year, no way around it.

Cant wait to see what second year brings =)

Also a bit curious to why Rayman Legends only has 84% on the Switch compared to the other version, is it a worse version than the other?