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Forums - Movies Discussion - Sleeping Dogs movie enters production, movie/game comparison shots

Hopefully they raise the quality of the movie.  I got a free digital version of the movie but still haven't downloaded or watched it yet.

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Darwinianevolution said:
Well, this came out of nowhere. I didn't think Sleeping Dogs did well enough to make a sequel, much less a movie.

They made an MMO of it called Triad Wars. No one liked it.

shikamaru317 said:
Nem said:
The movie doesn't look great, but i do hope it's enough to rekindle the franchise. I loved the original game. One of the few i have platinum'ed.

What makes you say that? Donnie Yen is fantastic, it looks like they're sticking quite closely to the visual style of the game, and are even going as far as to replicate some shots from the game and it's concept art. That is all good news imo, it's when movies try to deviate too far from the source material that they suck in my experience.

The main actor does not look like Chen to me and game movies tend to be bad.

The story itself is not great or anything. It was the world and the martial arts vibe that made it special for me. Dunno  if the movie will manage to capture that.


But well... fingers crossed.

Ka-pi96 said:
Why is this even a thing instead of Sleeping Dogs 2? Yeah... let's not make a sequel to a game, let's just make a movie instead. What a dumb idea.

Are Square even making the movie? I am pretty sure they just licensed it out.