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Wyrdness said:
Just a quick question do you have a hard copy or digital? Reason I asked is because all my games are digital except for BOTW which came with the platform and the only one I've had any sort of crash with was BOTW around twice or so, digital I've never had any such problem although Skyrim brings a host of other issues due it being Skyrim.

Hard copies for the games that have crashed (so far).

Thanks for the responses, I feel better knowing it's the software and not the Switch itself.


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Rocket league in 4 on 4 chaos has crashed for me once or twice, Minecraft when there is a ton of redstone...

oh and skylanders likes to pop out of a game too sometimes when there is a selfie event going on.

It's common it seems!

Would think you've just been unlucky in your play and experience maybe wouldn't go worrying about the system just yet.

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