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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zelda BotW Sells over 8.2mil by Dec 31st! (Sell thru 7.5mil)

Vini256 said:
mZuzek said:

Oh, no wonder you didn't like the voice acting. Zelda in Japanese is so incredibly annoying, it's impossible to appreciate any of it.

Actually, I played it in japanese specifically to avoid the english acting which I already didn't like from the trailers before the game released. Those "young people trying to sound like old people" voices are simply terrible, and Zelda's fake british also sounded bad to me. I honestly didn't mind Zelda's JP voice at all, it just sounds like anime.

Well trailers aren't the full picture really. Zelda's Japanese voice sounds like anime, and yeah very often the "young female protagonist" role in anime has a brutally annoying voice to go along.

Personally I think both Japanese and English have their strengths and weaknesses.

English has a better Revali and a much better Zelda, as well as also having a great Urbosa, Rhoam and Deku Tree. However, Yunobo and Impa are absolutely awful, and Daruk and Mipha are average at best as well.

Japanese has a better Mipha and a much better Daruk and Impa, and Urbosa, Rhoam and Deku Tree are about as good as they are in English. However, Yunobo is just as bad (if not worse), and Zelda, the main voice you'll hear throughout the game, is insufferable.

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dx11332sega said:
Can you guys make a prediction when zelda botw and mario oddyssey cross 10 million each ?

SMO youll see be at 10mil next finicial report (be end of march) and BotW will do it by years end

Aah, I see. This is with the Wii U sales included. I was wondering where the extra sold units came from. Still, well done to BotW. It was definitely an excellent game.



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