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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What movies or anime would you like to have a game of on one of the three consoles?

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

No. My imagination is very poor.

A character who has no imagination. It is up to the online community to create his or her world and what he must go up against. Great idea Onee!

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I'd like a Ghost in the Shell game for the PS4, I think that could be well-done, since I've heard good things about the PS1 game.

Hynad said:
bigtakilla said:
Evangelion jrpg by Game Arts for pc.

You live in the past.

Would still be great. 

an open world naruto similar to ultimate ninja 5 that was only released outside north america. with a 2d fighting style. with story going from beginning of naruto to end of shippuden with all of the characters.

a good TMNT game.

I want a Dragons Rioting fighting game for the Xbox One...

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A big budget Fate game (instead of the low budget musou games we have).

I want it to be:

A) A traditional Holy Grail war, were you actually have to find your oponents and figure out what class and what heroic spirits you are up against

B) Part detective and part Action RPG (much like the original Fate Extra)

C) Open world, (this would help with the previous points since you would have to actually look for clues, find out where they are hidding, who they are etc.)

D) I want it to be beautifully cel shaded just like DB FighterZ or better, (when i said big budget i meant it).

E) It could even be an adaptation of Fate Stay Night and i would be VERY HAPPY, (giving us the possibility to go into any of the routes or variants by our own decisions).

Let ArcSys make a Jojo 2D fighting game.

A 2D Squid Girl game done in 16-bits.

"Princess Mononoke" or "The Boy and the Beast"-Adventure for PS4, that would be epic : D

And the "Ni No Kuni 2"-jrpg is like a playable studio ghibli-movie ^^ And the cover, a dream < 3

"Ghost of Tsushima" and "The Last of Us 2" are impressive for me as Gamer, i love them =)

28 Days Later would be a great VR horror game.