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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VR is not a gimmick!

John2290 said:
The_Yoda said:

Part of Kentucky Fried Movie.  Quite crass but a fun movie made up of skits like the one I linked. Definitely not safe if you have kids around though, lots of 70's tits and even some 70's bush if memory serves.  I did a quick search and this is the best quality copy I could find on Youtube of the whole movie 

Watched it last night. Fantastic sketch comedy film. Loving how it doesnt stray far from news, TV or film and the jokes still hold up. The inter the dragon skit fell kinda flat but i can barely remember the film anyway but the apocalypse now skits had me going. Short and sweet. Ty.

You're welcome.  It's an oldy but a goody.  Yeah the Fist Full of Yen skit is long and not that good , although I do love the line when the henchmen are being punished:

I'm sending you to Detroit


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PSVR is a super gimmick. But its a gimmick I've enjoyed

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