Forums - Movies Discussion - "The Last Jedi" audience approval rates drop at 49%

I still think Star Wars fans are overreacting.

The Last Jedi may not be perfect, but it at least had no senate hearings, no excessive CGI, no midichlorians, no whining about sand or Padime, no "I have the high ground!!", no awkward musical numbers, and no Gungans.

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CGI-Quality said:
We don't need another thread for this.


CGI please close this thead before it is too late!

Mr.GameCrazy said:

Don't bother. It's not going to matter to the OP.

Yeah. I know. It's just going to devolve into another pointless thread with self-professed SW fans engaging in a bunch of over-exaggerated wailing and gnashing of teeth. I just felt I had to point out that there's nothing to take seriously in regards to a clearly review-bombed average user score and the litany of ridiculously low reviews. In this case, I trust the professional reviewers more than I do the internet peanut gallery.