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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony's diversity with its exclusive games is becoming uhhh non-diverse as before


Is Sony becoming a little too non-diverse?

Absolutely YASSSS 4 12.50%
Nintendo is even more div... 2 6.25%
Maybe 1 3.13%
A little 0 0%
Sony is the king of diver... 12 37.50%
Not really 13 40.63%
Ganoncrotch said:
is this for real?

Have you looked at the PS4 library of games?

What the actual fuck

This is me and between Sony's diminishing first party games output.  Nothing to do with PS4's library which I understand completely as pretty diverse.

If someone asks why I'm using an alt account, CGI and Truckusaurus got me a temp approval until I get my iconic and notorious "kurasakiichimaru" account back. :p

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I've seen enough. I initially wasn't against this, because I thought you'd be able to engage it with reason, but from the very first reply, you've been nothing but combative and now you're making baseless accusations of Trolling.

So, in addition to Bait (Trolling), you threw some Backseat Moderating in there and have just turned this thread into an even bigger mess. Away it goes!