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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GOD of WAR vs. SPIDERMAN

Both are day one for me, GOW is one of my favorite franchises of all time, and i'm really hyped for its norse setting, and Spidey is my favorite superhero, and with the help of Avengers Infinity War it will sell a lot, i can see both doing 6-7million lt

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Considering the strenght of the IPs on the console realm I would say GoW.

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I reckon God of War will sell better, not sure who will get the better reviews, but I'm extremely hyped for both of them, so that's one sale each already! :P

Close battle, but I see Spider - Man eeking out the victory over GOW



SegataSanshiro said:

Go Yakuza 6!

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Depends who has the more bundles

Azzanation said:
Depends who has the more bundles

Eh, name will matter more.

OT: Spider-Man. I expect PlayStation and Spider-Man fans to pick this one up in droves. Should be good to go for about 5-6m. GOD OF WAR will sell a bit less 4.5-5m.