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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sold all my consoles.

Chazore said:
Mnementh said:

You ignore that nobody called him out until the OP decided to burst out into emotion and attack gaming as nothing, not real and a waste of time. That was the point people got hostile. Becaause - you see - people don't like to being attacked and either defend (ignore the thread) or attack back. This si what happened here. If the OP would've abstained from attacking and just told that he decided to sell his consoles because of family, nobody would've attacked him. You would still see the people saying it was an error, or the people saying he'll regret it later, but that is something else.

Because the most welcoming aspect of this forum, is having a super sensitive lynch mob piling you right?.

Slade was right about how the site is in a nutshell when it comes to comments in that X1X article. 

The way you talk to others, others talk to you. This is what happened here. The OP has set the tone of the conservation

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Mnementh said:

The way you talk to others, others talk to you. This is what happened here. The OP has set the tone of the conservation

People set a tone for that article on X1X, and it didn't require the article author to toss out anything that can be considered "snide".

Chazore said:
Aeolus451 said:

Rules?  I didn't mention anything in that sense. Stop strawmanning. No cares that he's quitting gaming. It's the nature of his "fair well" that's the problem. it's comes off as virtue signaling or as attention seeking. Ya know that ya don't have to defend him just because he kept his "pc" for dicking around the net, right?

No need to. But you're basically trying to define what is and isn't rule worthy and more worthy of a ban.

Yes, yes people care about his thread because they decided it was well worth commenting in it. This whole "no one cares" excuse is total bullshit. If no one truly, and I mean absolutely didn't give a damn, no one would be making a single comment, and yet here we are.

Taking issue with his farewell is honestly rather petty, especially with the whole "we don't care", but we care about how you say it.

I don't need to defend him, but I'm free to call out people acting like they don't care about the thread when they really do and call them out for their equally pointless partake in the thread. 

Last part, wow, you really wanna go there?. I mean do you honestly want to involve "warz" in this thread?(not like it already hasn't been involved from an alt account user in here already).

I didn't say anything about making any rules or banning anyone over it. So, you're strawmanning or misreading what I wrote in that regard. It's either one. I only brought up permabans as an example of someone just wanting attention which is similar to this guy.

I'm just pointing out a possible reason why you're defending someone like this. It's sure not because of principal or logic. Perhaps you're just projecting or feel his situation is relatable with you.

You're selling (or have sold all of your consoles)? Cool. Hope that works out for you. But, like those consoles, this topic must disappear.