Forums - General Discussion - ‘I have no idea what I saw’: Pentagon admits to secret UFO hunting program

Zoombael said:

There is no hyperbole in what i wrote. You simply dont understand the implications. Knowledge and technology build up consecutively. What we learned  over two millenia ago we still use today. 

You re the one ignoring the scientific method, believing in an inadequate equation. Real scientist did the math, and what they found is the universe doesnt exist. Ergo, you believe in a magical non existent place called "our universe", the home of unicorns, fairies and FTL aliens.

I don't understand that last paragraph.

I believe in what has been proven by the scientific method with our current understanding. And if that understanding changes one day, my belief will change as well because it is the only thing that is actually graspable. All new discoveries have been made by relying on current data, so it's only prudent to believe in current data until we gain new information and can properly update that data.

There is no point believing in things that cannot be understood yet. People thousands of years ago did that and they came up with religion and now we're stuck with that shit. Because people couldn't wait to understand and prove something before believing in it.

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