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Forums - Gaming Discussion - what are your expectation for the next mainline final fantasy?

Maybe cut the modern futuristic setting and go back to  a  fantasymiddle age one

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I don't know. What I'd want, is a more eastern-style FF. The only FF that was remotely Asian imo was FF7 and 10. I want something more Asian again. And turn based. Action RPGs are bad and inferior in every way

Have a main playable female character.

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Like, i'm expecting it to be what we saw in the agni demo. More medieval with magic setting.

For combat, i'd love ATB, bit since that isn't gonna happen, maybe something more tactical like FFXII. I want a combat system with depth. I want a menu with option, even if it's KH style.
I don't want hold the button to attack or auto-attack. I don't want to be able to get through the game with one button.