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Forums - General Discussion - Can we find users from all 50 states? - A survey

VAMatt said:
shikamaru317 said:
Virginia here.

Me too.  Annandale.  You?

I'm originally from Woodbridge/Manassas area but am down in Richmond now, hello Virginia boiiiiis/giiiiirls

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Not sure if I ever mentioned what state I'm from. South Carolina here.

VGPolyglot said:
Ultrashroomz said:


Wow, that's only 9 miles apart.

I believe Shroomz posted a receipt of a purchase in a Best Buy in Fairfax on Black Friday.  I was in that Best Buy later that weekend, as I recall. 

deskpro2k3 said:
NightDragon83 said:
Dirty Jersey represent!

Oh, that's West New York.

It's funny 'cause there's actually a town in NJ called West New York.,_New_Jersey

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

Oregon - there used to another user from there too but I can't remember who. I just know he had a University of Oregon avatar and sig


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