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Below you will find the current Database guidelines for submissions and for getting the most out of your time within the Database. To ensure the Database maintains a consistently high level of quality there will be no gradually increasing moderations handed out; failure to comply with repeated warnings will be followed by a permanent ban. Following these guidelines will ensure your submissions are of the highest quality, which is what the Database Admin team is looking for, and should also ensure that it doesn't get a moderation stage. This thread will also act as a means to understand why you might have had a submission rejected by the team and how to do better with future submissions.

  • It's important that you take the time to read through these guidelines if you plan on submitting content to the Database in order to understand exactly what we expect from you as a contributor.
  • It's also important to read through the Database Tutorial thread found here to understand how to upload submissions for each section.

Game Distribution: In the release date section you will find a field called "game distribution". It's of the utmost importance that you research this before selecting a release type. If a title you are contributing to has both a physical and digital release, the retail option takes priority. If you can't be for certain then leaving it blank is preferred. 

Example of a correctly filled out release date screen for that title in America.


Adding Games to the Database: Before submitting a title always make sure you double check the Database for the entry you wish to submit - we don't want the Database to be filled with duplicates.

  • Make sure that you use the correct game title while searching. For example, if you search for Final Fantasy 7 you won't find the correct results, but searching for Final Fantasy VII will provide you with the correct results. There are multiple ways you can search for a game that has a title which can be written in different ways like this, for example in this case you can shorten the search to just 'Final Fantasy' and then browse through those entries for the game you're after, or even just 'Final', or search for titles beginning with the letter F made by the specific developer.
  • If you find that the game you wish to submit doesn't already exist, make sure that you are submitting the correct information. That includes the correct spelling of the name, the correct console you wish to submit for, the correct developer, and the genre. Make sure that all capitalisation, spacing, and punctuation is correct. 
  • Priority goes to the US title of the game, then the European title, and finally the Japanese one.

Example of adding a title that has been researched fully for the correct information.


Game Summaries: For game summaries, to ensure the information you are submitting is correct, the best sources of information to use are the publisher or developer's official game page. You can also take the information straight from the back of the game case. Taking information for a game directly from a third party site, like Wikipedia, fan Wikis, Amazon, IGN, and so on is not acceptable, and copy/pasting from these resources will always result in your submission being rejected, but using these and other resources to come up with your own original game summaries is encouraged.

  • While content is always important there's no set limit on how big your Summary needs to be, so long as it explains what the game is about.
  • Always credit your sources. If you decide to write an original game summary yourself you can link to your profile at the end (we want content creators to receive full credit for putting the time and effort in to building up the Database). By the same token, if you're taking information from an official publisher or developer game page then be sure to credit them correctly. Incorrectly credited submissions will be rejected, so see the examples below for the best way to avoid this.
  • The best way to credit your source is to lay it out like this and use hyperlinks: 
    • Source: Publisher (hyperlink to the website)
    • Source: Developer (hyperlink to the website)
    • Source: Game Case (no link necessary)
    • Source: User Name (hyperlink to profile page)

    Example of crediting an original summary

Example of crediting a summary from an official publisher.


Image Submissions: Make sure that all image uploads are safe for work. Images that display suggestive poses will be handled on a case by case bases by the team. Any images that display pornographic material of any kind or content of an extreme nature will be removed and will likely see you permanently banned from submitting database submissions. There will be NO warning given prior to a ban in extreme cases. Any user banned due to this will also be transferred to the Mod team.

  • Make sure that any images you submit, be they box arts, banners, or screenshots, are not watermarked. The only exception to this rule are official game developer/publisher watermarks. It's best to take images straight from a developer's or publisher's game page in order to avoid unauthorised watermarks.
  • While it's not always easy to find good images, please ensure that any images you do submit are fully representative of the game and are of the highest quality.
  • Whilst sreenshots you've taken of a specific place within the game will be allowed, screenshots of scoreboards will considered self promotion and will be rejected. 

Example of a 650x185 banner showing characters from the title, this is representative of the game.


Ratings: Always submit the correct ratings for the game. You can double check these for America, Europe, and Japan using the following websites:

Reporting Games: There are always going to be slight mistakes that fall through the gaps. If you spot any incorrect information on game pages then be sure to report the game (there's a 'Report this game' link on the left hand side of each game's page) and explain clearly and concisely what is wrong, the team will then make appropriate corrections. 

  • Repeated reports on a singular issue after the reason for said issue is explained to you by a GameDB Admin will be considered spam and will result in moderation.

Example of the report screen explaining what the mistake is.

A Final Reminder: People will tend find a section of the Database that they want to focus on; some will only want to create banners, others will primarily add cheats or FAQs, some will want to add new releases and quickly flesh them out with basic content, and so on. You are NOT required to completely fill out a page, but do make sure that everything you submit is correct and adheres to the Database and wider site guidelines.

  • The team will take a firm stance on users who spam the Database (i.e. those who flood the submission queue with low quality submissions) and these people can expect to be moderated. Adding lots of content is of course encouraged, but it must follow the guidelines and repeatedly failing to comply with any guidance given by the GameDB Admins will result in moderation.

Contact: The team takes no pleasure in rejecting submissions but we are always here to discuss why something was rejected, or why they felt it necessary to issue a moderation. If you wish to discuss this in a civilized and private manner then you can use the private message function, or wall posts if you're not bothered by confidentiality. We may not be able to respond straight away but that doesn't mean we're ignoring you!

  • If you encounter any problems when trying to submit anything to the Database, or if a GameDB Admin you contacted hasn't gotten back to you, feel free to send a PM to either Head GameDB Admin, myself or Acevil

Note These guidelines highlight the most important areas of the Database and while this does not cover everything a user can submit, by following these guidelines and applying them to all areas of the Database you can be sure that your submissions are of the highest quality and will avoid being rejected.

Your Database Admin Team


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