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Has Retro Studios replaced Rare?

Yahoo! (Yes it has) 19 48.72%
D'oh, I missed! (It has not) 20 51.28%
Jumpin said: 

3. You state that more people play Metroid Prime today than Goldeneye 007. Fair enough, but GE007 is currently only available on N64, if it were re-released, I can guarantee you MANY more people would be interested in it than Metroid Prime - even the shoddy attempt at a remake by Activision outsold Metroid Prime. Also through that argument thread, I can claim that MANY more people are playing Donkey Kong Country today than DKCR or Tropical Freeze simply due to much wider availability; also, looking up let's play for the franchise on youtube shows many many times more let's plays than DKCR or TF


Metroid Prime outsold Goldeneye on the Wii.  Metroid Prime also outsold Perfect Dark on the N64.  

Retro's Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii is the second best selling Donkey Kong Country game.


I'm guessing more let's play videos are partly due to older games on the SNES and N64 being (1) easier, (2) shorter and (3) more accessible through emulation on the PC.

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Jumpin said:

your opinion is ultimately meaningless.

Aren't them all?

The closest thing to Rare for Nintendo is Insomniac for Sony. A great comany that constantly puts out creative hits. Retro is good, but they arent Rare at their height. They have to potential to be a Rare though. I would take a current Retro game over the current Microsoft run Rare anyday now.

Nope it haven't. Each dev have their own charm.

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