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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Splatoon 2 – North American Splatfest #5 – Sweater vs Socks


Team Sweater or Team Socks?

Team Sweater 3 75.00%
Team Socks 1 25.00%
See the results 0 0%

#TeamSweater :P/


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That's random. I guess the Euro team is in charge of our splatfests now. Boo! Also a sweater is a bad gift? I usually beg for those every year!

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Why would anyone want socks rather than a sweater?

The expressions on the squids are killing me! Hahaha

What is next... floss or toothpick?

Cute pic lol


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Where is the neutral choice ?! The trashbag

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Not really feeling this Splatfest, but I'll choose sweaters.

Remind me to buy the North American version of the next Splatoon game. It sucks missing out on the holiday themed Splatfests.

Team Sweater!!