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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 Won November NPD ( PS4 1.54M, XBO 1.4M, NSW 770K)

collint0101 said:
zorg1000 said:

First post-launch Nov NPD
Wii U-225k

Seems like the switch did pretty ok in the grand scheme of things. 

With no discount of any kind, a $199 ps4 and $50 gift card if you picked it up at GameStop, and an X1 that was also discounted (I think $189) as well as the X1X's launch.


Not bad for the Switch.

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It wouldn't have even been a competition had Sony not underestimated demand at that $199 price point. Think they easily would have surpassed 2 million in the US. I think they did hit that mark in Europe - which is probably where they shifted most of the stock ahead of black Friday as it is their strongest market. With their ridiculous exclusives lineup for 2018/2019, along with a permanent price drop, I don't see PS4 sales slowing down anytime soon.

Now time for Nintendo to fight back and take december...

Which will probably happen with no price cut for the other two.

Those numbers for PS4 and XBone are great ! Switch numbers are totally fine without price cut, basically the same PS4 did during its first black friday.

Let's see who will take christmas !

Good numbers all round, great for the industry. Switch numbers are decent with it being a full price system facing great competition from great deals.

Acevil said:
Honest question is 800,000 in November a bad number or are people hyperboling because switch has been winning the last couple of months.

I might be late, but most people think below 1 million is bad for November these days (which the PS4 did in it's first November, and I believe the 3DS never had over 1 million in November). The PS4 and XBO gen started to have really high holidays, starting from November. PS3 and X360 had much, much bigger December than November, but that was changing over time (November numbers getting closer to December, or more specifically, Black Friday becoming a bigger deal).

So, the Switch selling less than 1 million is arbitrarily (is that a word?) bad. It sold on par to the 3DS' first November, which had a price cut, 3D Mario and a new Mario Kart. Of course, most expectations were that Switch was gonna outsell PS4 and XBO because it did so the months prior, and we didn't see the effect of Odyssey on the 2 days it got tracked on October. 

So what I'm trying to say is it did fine. It sold on par with the 3DS and PS4's first November, and not too far behind the Wii's.

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I'm redirecting people toward Boutros' thread. The thread is laid out better despite being made afterwards.


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