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Forums - PC Discussion - NVIDIA TITAN V Announced..... $3000

LiquorandGunFun said:
m0ney said:

Doesn't sound like you were in PC gaming to begin with if you think upgrade is needed every few months. I haven't upgraded my PC for 3 years and all games run better on it than on consoles, besides I can edit videos, pay bills and do other things that consoles can't.

its just WoW occasionally when new expansion comes out.


Not my PC. Consoles are better now. SO for me, fuck the PC.

Better in what metric?

Then again... Someone who asserts that they needed to upgrade every few months doesn't really understand the PC as a platform to begin with.
Did you know you can have a PC from the last console generation that is still able to play the latest and greatest games with just a GPU upgrade? Try that with the 7th gen Xbox 360 as we start looking down the barrel of the 9th console generation.

JEMC said:

^We'll see, then.

By the way, the guys at Gamers Nexus have bought a Titan V and they not only benchmarked it with real games, but they've also teared it appart. The chip of the card is GV100-400-A1.

This GPU is so juicy. And big.
It's giving crossfired Vega a run for it's money, which is nuts.

VAMatt said:
Crypto mining has driven up the price of the top graphics cards, and RAM prices are high in general. Consequently, it is not a great time to build a high-end gaming PC.

With that said, lower end machines can be purchased or produced for next to nothing right now, provided that you don't care about a ton of RAM. I've been shopping for something for my wife, as she needs to run some design programs. Machines that cost $1000 a year ago are $600 now. And, you can get a machine capable of running Rift for $500.

Not just Ram. NAND seems to be on the rise as well... (Eww at mechanical HDD's).

Ram supply should start to ease as manufacturers are switching their fabs over to produce more commodity DRAM in the short term.

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