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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Official thread: The game Awards 2017 . (13+ plus game reveal)

Huh, thought it would be Odyssey.

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Odysessy song so good. Gratz to LoZ

Breath of the Wild wins!!

PUBG, I don't know what you are, so meh.
Horizon, good effort, but it wasn't happening.
Persona 5, I love you to death, but it wasn't happening.
Mario, I'm sorry, you are still the King of Gaming...

But this year was Zelda's year.

Well deserved, BOTW

Well could've been worse, PUBG could've won.

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In all honesty 2017 is Nintendo's year. Switch success, BotW, SMO.
I wish Sony will learn from this. Launch your console with Big games ( 1st party games) like Nintendo did.

deskpro2k3 said:
Well could've been worse, PUBG could've won.

Or Persona  

So was there no graphics and platformer award or did I miss it?!

Poor Horizon.
Didn't win any awards.

The Horizon song makes it's lost sad but guerilla made a good game and it was a tough year. shout out to Atlas for P5 being hugely successful. Need to buy these games tho