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Forums - Website Topics - What year did you join VGC?


What year?

2017 9 7.63%
2016 5 4.24%
2015 11 9.32%
2014 15 12.71%
2013 13 11.02%
2012 4 3.39%
2011 4 3.39%
2010 6 5.08%
2009 4 3.39%
2008 or earlier 47 39.83%

It's right there on the left. Almost 4 years already, damn.

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I believe it was 2008 when I officially joined VGChartz, but I had been around during the later parts or 2007.


2008 wow its been that long. But was here every day since 2007

I think I lurked for a while, and then I originally tried to make an account here in what was 2013 I think, but for some reason my account never got created or something after I did all the steps. Like, I just remember signing up and doing everything and then trying to log in and not being able to, it was weird, dunno what happened there. So I just lurked on the site for a while after still and then I tried again 2 years later in 2015 and here I am. :P

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I found the site back in 2013. I was looking for info on how Xbox One and Playstation were doing against each other in terms of pre-orders, and back then VGC was tracking US preorders for PS4 and Xbox One.

Just joined lol.

2007, when the site was blue and white

Right at the start of 2010, although I found the site at the end of 2009. I think I originally used to look at the GFK Chart-Track, which was a chart showing the top 40 best selling software titles in the UK. I probably got impatient because the site got updated every week, so I looked elsewhere and then found VGChartz. Of course it didn't update much faster, but the forums drew me in, anyway.