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rodea_sky_soldier said:
Is those Switch's numbers right? By famitsu, in dec's 24th the Switch was at 3.3m no japan, and it = 25% no ww.

3.3 x 4 = 13.2 million in december's 24th.

I dont believe 25% was a confirmed amount, more like an approximation based on earlier figures.

Nintendo announced sell through over 7 million at the end of Sept, Japan sales were ~1.8 million at that time.

Nintendo announced sell through over 10 million as of Dec 10, Japan sales were ~2.7 million at that time.

In both cases Japan sales were slightly 25-27% so he probably assumed the same thing applied for the end of the year.

Edit: Also at the last fiscal report shipments were 7.62 million globally with 1.95 million in Japan, so again around 25%.

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trunkswd said:

US December 2017 sales adjusted to match NPD figures for the 4 main systems.

PS4 was adjusted up in ROW to match the 73.6M figure for December 31 released by Sony when the final week of 2017 goes live.

I will ask ioi to remove Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for the first week of 2018 now that Media Create has stopped tracking them.

As a reminder it can take a little while before the adjustments show on the front page. 

Here are WW sales through Dec 23:


  • PS4 - 73.1M
  • X1 - 36.1M
  • NS - 11.9M
  • 3DS - 70.2M


Sorry to nitpick, but i still feel like switch sales in Europe are too low.

The region that Nintendo calls "Others" has remained right in between Americas & Japan in each fiscal report and each sales update from them.

Shipments as of March





Shipments as of June





Shipments as of Sept





Sell through as of Sept

Global-~7 million

Americas-~2.8m, over 2.3m (USA), over 0.2m (Canada), ??? (Latin America, lets say similar to Can)




Sell through as of Dec 10

Global-over 10 million

Americas-~4 million, 3.4m (USA end of Nov)




Sales end of 2017


Americas-~5.5m, 4.8 (USA)



Americas+Japan is likely around 8.8m, and assuming others is still right in between those two regions it should be at or above 4 million.

Another bit of evidence is that France made up 20-25% of Europe totals for DS, Wii, 3DS & Wii U. It was confirmed that France is over 900k so assuming it has a similar ratio as those other Nintendo devices than Europe would be around 4 million.

Its probably not a massive amount and im sure you guys are just waiting for some more official data but it seems as though Europe should be a bit higher.

But keep up the good work, you are doing a great job and i really appreciate the work you have done to get numbers out in a timely manner and as accurate as possible!!

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

Switch and 3DS sales adjusted up to be more in line with shipment figures. 

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