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What's your favourite soft drink?

Coca-Cola 35 27.13%
Pepsi 11 8.53%
Fanta 11 8.53%
Tango 0 0.00%
Sprite 13 10.08%
Lilt 0 0.00%
Irn-Bru 3 2.33%
7up 1 0.78%
Dr Pepper 18 13.95%
Other 37 28.68%
Chris Hu said:
barneystinson69 said:

Where the fuck is brisk iced tea?! 

That is not really a soft drink since its not carbonated.

Well it's considered so here in Canada.


The only reason I drink it is because I can't stand fizzy drinks, it tastes alright, but nothing earth shattering.

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Flilix said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Maybe they're just British things. Tango is basically like Fanta except made by a different company. 7up is the same except like Sprite instead. Lilt is an awesome pineapple flavour. And anyone saying Irn-Bru has like a 99% chance of being Scottish

Apparently, 7up does exist here, but it doesn't seem to be popular.

Btw, doesn't Schweppes exist in the UK? I'm highly offended by it not being on the poll.

Scweppes does exist yet. But there's already 2 lemonades on the poll in Sprite and 7up, did we really need a 3rd?

Besides, it's covered by the other option

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My Nectar.

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I usually always order Sprite when I'm out.

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For me i change every now and then till i get sick of one and go to the next.

My Fav atm is Coke No Sugar.

All time

Dr Pepper > Classic Coke (Mexican bottled one) > Mello Yello (original flav)

KFC frozen Mountain Dew is pretty refreshing too lol.

Energy Drinks I kind of consider not soft drinks but a subset. They all taste good to me lol