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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Discussion Thread: The Greatest Games Event 2017 - FINISH YOUR LISTS

Now the top 6:

 #6 Kingdom Hearts II - This was actually my first Kingdom Hearts and, of course, I was completely lost on the story the first time I played it, it didn't help that my english was even worse than it is now (I'm not a native english speaker and the game didn't have spanish subtitles because it was NTSC-U/C). It wasn't until I replayed the game a few years later that I could really understand what the game's story was about. Anyway, I have a lot of nostalgia for KH2 and visiting the worlds from some of my favorite movies ever completely blowed me away, places like Timeless River and its charming black and white graphics were completely magic experiences for me . I absolutely adore this game's combat system , it's so fast and fluid and it has a lot of depth, with stuff like magic combos and the drive forms. Overall, the game is such a joy to play. The boss battles are amazing and there's a lot of enemy variety. Another aspect that is incredibly improved from KH1 are the Gummi ship sections, which are tons of fun to go through. The game's soundtrack is fantastic and its visuals are ageless. Also, #Justice4Roxas.

#5 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - My first Zelda game and also my favorite. The game feels so tightly designed and well paced, it evokes an atmosphere of mystery and a sense of being in a grand adventure that I absolutely adore. The child Link dungeons are kinda simple but the adult Link dungeons have some of the most brilliant designs in the series, all of them have very intrincate and well designed layouts and really good puzzles, in particular, the Forest Temple is my favorite dungeon in any Zelda game. The bosses are another aspect where this game really shines, my favorites being Twinrova and the final battle. The story may be simple but it has a lot of charm and memorable moments, as well as great characters. The game is packed with a lot of side-content and its soundtrack is masterful (dat Gerudo Valley music)

#4 Chrono Trigger - This is one of the most epic games I've ever played, the great variety of places that you travel to and the sense of being in a big adventure are aspects of this game that I absolutely love. Its time travel story is incredibly engaging and well written and its cast of characters is easily one of my favorites in any video game. All of the characters in this game have very well developed back stories and endearing personalities. The side-quests are incredibly well made as all of them have a story to tell you, which helps to flesh-out the characters. The game's battle system is incredibly fun, with stuff like double and triple techs adding another layer of depth to the classic ATB system, and I love how there's no transition to a separate battle screen like in other games of its time. The game's soundtrack is so incredibly amazing,  nothing can describe how much I love it, its my favorite soundtrack in any game (tied with another game that I'll mention later).

#3 NieR: Automata - This game's story completely blowed me away like no other video game story had ever done before, it's incredibly well written and completely unpredictable, full of insane plot twists that you would have never seen coming and it touches interesting topics related to existentialism. This game has a lot of memorable moments, some of which made me shed tears of sadness ;_; . Overall, NieR Automata has my favorite story in any video game ever and I'm not sure if anything will ever beat it...well, maybe Yoko Taro's next game. The 3 main characters are all really awesome and, in my opinion, unit YoRHa 9S is the highlight of the game when it comes to writing, though I think A2 and 2B are cooler in terms of personality. The game's sidequests have really interesting mini-stories that always leave you thinking, (spoiler ahead) for example, the side quest related to the infamous YoRHa Type-E... , and the side characters are also really good (Pascal ftw). The game's combat feels incredibly fluid and it's a blast to play, with each character having a different play style. Another thing that I really liked about this game are the bullet hell parts, which are a really nice change of pace. Then there's the music, it's just soooooooo fantastic.

 #2 Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King - A game that took the classic J-RPG experience to 3D in such a perfect way, its world is so beautiful, open and well designed, they completely nailed the sense of being in a big travel across a huge world. All of the towns are beautiful and feel really alive, I love that you can enter to almost all the buildings in them. The game's characters are all so awesome and have really amazing back stories that are really charming. The main plot may be relatively simple but it's still engaging and endearing, with really nice mini-stories in each town (a trademark of the Dragon Quest series). The turn-based battle system is very fun and  I love the tension system (which can even make the main character look like a Super Saiyan, btw :P), as well as the skill system. The game also has a lot of compelling and fun side content,  which is one of my favorite parts about it. The art-style is just ageless and the soundtrack is great. Writing this made me want to replay the game :p.

#1 Xenoblade Chronicles - This game's world completely and utterly blowed me away: it's big, compelling, well designed and it always made me want to know what there would be in each area. The variety of environments is mindblowing, all the areas are unique and beautiful, the art direction in them is just fantastic, I still remember the first time I saw the Satorl Marsh at night, that was the moment when I realized that Xenoblade was something special. Then there's the story, it's so incredibly engaging and full of amazing and epic  moments, with  some great plot twists, I love it so much. The characters are all great, I love all of them, they have interesting back stories and very likeable personalities (#Justice4Melia, btw). Then there's the battle system, I find it so incredibly engaging and it's deep without it being too overwhelming, I particularly love how positioning is important to deal more damage. The gameplay sub-systems like gem crafting are also really engaging and fun to use. The soundtrack is just sooooooooooooo incredible and it's favorite in any game, tied with Chrono Trigger.

Well, that's all :)

Edit: I love this thread btw, the top 50 event is one of the main reasons I joined this forum

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Were the results of this ever posted?

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Were the results of this ever posted?


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