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Forums - Gaming Discussion - CoD: WWII reviews in! And they’re good!


Will you be getting WWII?

Yes, I get CoD every year 20 12.99%
Yes, I’m buying CoD aga... 26 16.88%
Yes, this is my first CoD 4 2.60%
No, I never buy CoD games 71 46.10%
No, despite normally getting CoD every year. 8 5.19%
I’m still on the fence 25 16.23%

the CoD series has always been one of the best FPS series period.

Not one game has been objectively bad and if you've played a few FPS in your life you should know that.

Most people are just salty that their favourite game series are being abandoned because of lacklustre sales and then blame a good and popular series for it instead of the people who won't buy anything other than that.

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I'm pleasantly surprised, was expecting a high 70s with maybe it sneaking its way into an 80 or 81 score. Mid-80s sounds good. I'm installing the game myself right now, can't wait to put my boots firmly back on the ground.

I was expecting it would surpass the last games. The trailer was much better than the Jump-Jump-Jump that was the last game.

I actually loved black ops 3, probably the best multiplayer experience a shooter has ever given me and I still play it to this day. I never got around to buying infinite warfare because the maps looked really dark and drab. I can't wait to play world war 2, it looks exhilarating and I hope the movement is fast as hell. I just really want the maps to be amazing and want the killstreaks to be fun. the new war mode looks very interesting, though I'm more of a team deathmatch person I hope it feels like a great addition to the package.

I'm just going to buy it and wait in lobbies and watch people open loot crates.

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The last CoD game I really played was BOIII, and before that it was BO1. I don't think I'll really play this, unless it's at my uncle's house.

Hurray for the yearly great sales.... well it will keep selling.

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I have bought every COD game ever made even multiple copies as i got friends on different systems. However this one I will skip until suck time they release a physical version that isn't broken out of the box by design.



It's no surprise the reviews are good. Regardless of how saturated the franchise is with it's yearly installments, the games themselves are still well made and among the best in the FPS genre.

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flashfire926 said:
Not to be toxic or anything, but I really want this loot-box infested shit (along with anything else Activision makes) to die. It would make the industry better as a whole.

Lootboxes are the tip the of iceberg when it comes to Activision. You should see some of the patents they submitted...