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cycycychris said:

So your gonna charge $10 more for the Switch version but your still gonna require us to download part of the game.

You don't need to download that part for PS4/XBO?
I guess they could include it on the disc since it has more space, but some times these day 1 patches are developed after the game has gone gold.

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Too bad, this means the physical version with the beautiful boxart won‘t sell very well.

I for one will buy the digital version though.

DonFerrari said:

On PS4 seems the digital attach ratio for retail games is 25%-33% already. So why do you think only less than 20% of Switch userbase will even buy digital games at all?

I have the idea that 5 or 10 USD is significantly more than cents. Does anyone have the official price of the media per size?


We can doubt or believe, without hard numbers there is nothing to really agree.

You numbers are ridiculously high because? If 32 GB is so unexpensive why would Switch having more internal space be so costly?

Any company will have margin on each aspect of the their cost structure, if they wouldn't, why include that aspect?

Do you have the numbers? Because from what I can check 16GB microsd sells for  about 10USD and a 32GB sells for about 15USD. Considering other manufacturing process that may be higher for the card than the bluray it isn't totally unforseen that the 16GB card would sell for 10 USD more than the BD and 15 or 20 more if released on 32GB.

Again, I'm not defending they charging more or releasing on 16 instead of 32, I'm showing reasons on why they may have done it. And also showing that if one are demanding games to be shipped on larger medias they should as well demand that Nintendo ship with larger HDD.

The ratio for digital sales is notably lower on Nintendo consoles, that's why.

There's a significant cost difference between read-only memory (game cards) and SSD storage which is rewriteable. SD cards are also rewriteable storage which is why they are notable more expensive to produce than Switch game cards. When you look at the prices of rewriteable SD cards and their prices for consumers are as low as you posted, then it should be clear that a 32GB Switch game card cannot cost a company so much that it's not feasible to use it. Game cards are ROMs, after all.

Lastly, somebody who demands third parties to ship complete games on card would have to demand the same from Nintendo to be logically consistent, but Nintendo ships complete games anyway, so there's no reason to complain about Nintendo. You are arguing under the pretence that game cards and SSDs are the same type of storage, but it isn't a like-for-like comparison at all. Nevermind that a shitty practice like L.A. Noire should never be excused to begin with.

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Thechalkblock said:
irstupid said:

Enjoy your loot boxes and micros. It's that attitude that we shoudl be "grateful" that they are giving us their game that lets them walk all over you.

Why should we be grateful to a company that is charging us $10 extra dollars for a game for the sole reason that it costs more to be on cartridges. And then for that very said game not be on the larger cartridge that woudl allow it to not need a download at all.

Wouldn't it be great if Pizza places did this. Charge you $10 for delivery and then only deliver it halfway to your house. YOu have to go out and pick it up there.

this isn't about loot boxes or micros. this is about thinking you don't need a microsd for your nintendo switch.

if you're planning on buying nintendo only games, then of course you probably won't need a microsd (for some time anyway).

if you're planning on buying third party games, then i think it's pretty clear at this point that it's a necessity.

this is a matter of storage, not micro transactions. also, it only really effects those who are still set on buying physical versions of games: either as collectors of physical media or as people who are still trying to avoid upgrading their internal storage.

rockstar isn't forcing you to buy the game right when it comes out. if you don't like the price point, then wait until it's cheaper and buy it then. at least it's nice to have the option to pick the game up down the line when it's more affordable, yeah?

maybe "greatful" is the wrong word. maybe i should use a different word that doesn't sound like i care as much. either way, i'm happy that eventually i can pick this game up for switch. 

This line of thinking is why publishers now have devs make a game, cut out big chunks of it, sell consumers most of the game for full price, then sell them the rest of the game as DLC. This line of thinking is what gave AAA publishers the balls to make online passes nearly an acceptable practice in the middle of the PS360 gen. This line of thinking is how M$ made a console that first required a spycam constantly watching your every movement like HAL 9000 and almost made that same console require a constant online connection, on top of mandatory installs for game discs that couldn't be shared across units.

Not a single person is saying that they don't need a MicroSD card for the Switch. Needing extra memory is a standard, accepted and expected cost of gaming. The consistent message in here is that we shouldn't need to download about half the freaking game after buying the game card. It ruins the entire point of buying physical in the first place. And if we're going to be buying half of the game on a card, why is there an extra tax on the Switch version that isn't going toward a higher capacity card? It's pure price gouging with no explanation.

"Perhaps the cost is because of the extra work going into porting to the Switch since its never been on a Nintendo console before."

Then that same cost should apply to the PS4 and X1 versions. All current consoles are using much different architecture than the consoles they've succeeded. You could say that the PS4/X1 versions are simpler ports because they fall in line with the PC version, but then you'd have to ask yourself why no other publisher is charging an extra $10 for their Switch port, AAA or otherwise. Again, pure price gouging.