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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What makes the average Nintendo game hold its value so well compared to other console games

RolStoppable said:
chakkra said:

 "What do you mean, Wii U owners got tired so quickly? There are games like Mario Kart 8 that have sold well throughout the system's life. You might as well attack the Nintendo 64 at this point and talk about the current lack of sales for its software as proof that Nintendo 64 games aren't quality."

That is not true and you know it.  Most of the games I mentioned were released 3 years ago (some even two years ago).  And you are the one who keeps repeating that long term sales = quality to justify the price. Well, if that's the case then these games should be selling today.

And I'm not denouncing the quality of those games at all.  I'm just pointing out how flawed your  "long term sales = quality" logic is because, hey, if we're gonna go there, Black Ops 3 (which launched in the same year than some of these games) sold 400,000 units in 2017.  Should we conclude that BO3 is of better quality than these games? I mean, it showed better legs, didnt it?

"Your argument to denounce the quality of games that haven't sold 2m copies on a 13m userbase because 11m didn't buy them is mightily backfiring when you apply the same logic to PS and Xbox consoles. About 60m PS4 owners didn't buy Horizon Zero Dawn, so according to your logic it can't be a quality game."

Of course the same logic can be applied to all games/devs/publishers.  That's why you don't see me saying that it would be ok for them to keep the prices high forever.

NOW, WITH AL THAT BEING SAID.  I just went back to re-check the prices on Nintendo's website and I verified that they DID indeed lower the price of the games I mentioned earlier.  Which makes all of our discussion moot.

The Wii U has been discontinued. A system that sells no hardware isn't going to sell any notable amount of software anymore. Since most games drop off the sales charts within two or three months, anything above one year qualifies as long term without a doubt. Most games see their price drop before one year is over.

Black Ops 3 received a price cut. You should know that that is done to spur sales. You are also fixated on picking the worst case scenario for Nintendo while you pick a best case scenario for someone else. I guess you really believe that you are winning an argument when you keep talking about software sales of an already discontinued console while ignoring the still alive 3DS. Pokémon games that are one or two years older than Black Ops 3 outsold that CoD title in 2017. Mario Kart 7 is six years old and beat Black Ops 3.

I...     I...     I give up.