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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - After BotW: Can you still enjoy older Zelda games?

Easily. BOTW is a great game but it ranks 5th on my list of Zelda titles. I actually enjoy the old styles better.

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V-r0cK said:
Most definitely. Zelda is among a handful of franchises that you can still play and enjoy their previous games.

I will never get bored of A Link to the Past.

That's because Link to the Past is a great paced Zelda game, like Breath of the Wild. Much of the game feels focused on a beautiful rendition of Hyrule, while many of the later Zelda games are exceedingly dungeon focused.

In my opinion, the problematic games are the other 3D Zeldas. Particularly Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker, which are excessively sluggish, and have incrediblty bad pacing issues. My other big issue with them is that the overworld in those games are not a place you really "live" in like Link to the Past and Breath of the Wild, they're obstacle courses between dungeons and whatever town/towns to give you context for those dungeons. Link to the Past and Breath of the Wild are much more vibrant.

Ocarina of Time was a great move into the 3D space, and Majora's Mask was an interesting and creative take on how the world revolves (but Majora's Mask is more or less a really high quality spinoff based on Ocarina of Time; it's like Link's Awakening in that respect). The issue was that the series moved in the bad directions from the N64 onward. The team focused on expanding the parts of the game that didn't need expanding, and made the whole item + dungeon thing take much longer and have more focus than in previous games until the franchise felt like a very slow paced slog. This continued until they began rethinking the direction with Link Between Worlds.

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