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Forums - Sales Discussion - September 2017 NPD Thread! Switch #1

Aura7541 said:
Farsala said:
“Sony’s PlayStation 4 led all hardware platforms in consumer spend during September 2017, while Nintendo Switch sold the most units amongst the current generation consoles,” said Piscatella. “SNES Classic was the overall top unit selling hardware platform in the period.”

donny2112 published the prediction rankings on ResetEra. And Welfare managed to narrow down the sales ranges for the PS4, XB1, and Switch:

PS4 = 300K - 310K
XB1 = 170K - 180K
Switch ≥ 308K

Close month.

Nice to see both PS4 & Switch over 300k, and Switch leading with like 2-10k sales.


Hopefully Brotous (sp? the op of thread) notices and updates the first post, with the numbers.

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gtjay1982 said:

Well according to the blurb PS4 lead as far as value goes but switch lead in units.  PS4 and switch are the same price for the majority of units sold.  This month had the pro bundle pushing the average price slightly higher for PS4.  If switch had greatly outsold the PS4 it would of also lead in revenue.  

Looks like you were right regarding PS4 and Switch being very close (link).

PS4: 300K - 310K
XB1: 170K - 180K
Switch: ≥ 308K