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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - First Super Mario Odyssey Review in! (EDGE)

You think you know the truth, but you have no idea.

Of course Odyssey is deserving of praise, and you are right to question it. There is an agency that controls these kind of things if you so desire, but there has to be real world merit in the product, they're not gonna give awards to bad content, otherwise people will take notice. So even though there is a controling factor in all this, the game still has to be really really damn good.

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So... does the Edge magazine also have a review for Fire Emblem Warriors?

No Fire Emblem Warriors review. Only the ones stated earlier in this thread. I have the magazine to hand now.The review seems straight up fair enough imo. It's certainly not gushing in its praise but does state that it's an excellent, groundbreaking game, something that we all suspected anyway. Am sure there will be plenty more similar and perfect reviews to follow from other outlets.