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Fuck nazis

Hell yeah 139 100.00%
Jumpin said:

So... the majority of people are anti-fascist, and would likely punch a nazi in the face - which is an act of violence; or the allied forces defeating the fascist regimes, they used violence to do it. Where does this anti-fascism mentality only exist among only a disorganized far left minority?

There are different extremes of anti-fascist and it is NOT just limited to the left. - I didn't think I had to elaborate on such common sense when replying to your relatively simple question, but again... The internet proves me wrong.

the-pi-guy said:

B.)  A lot of conservatives claim ANTIFA to be bad and violent, even though most of them aren't much more violent than a football game.  Statistically more violent, but it's comparing a football game to a protest.  Protests are more likely to get rowdy.  

They are using it to make themselves look like the victim.
It's a common tactic that the far-right conservatives use... They use the power of fear and victimization to play on peoples ignorance.
It actually works as the average person isn't going to go into a deep research about all the happenings in the world.

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