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Forums - Sales Discussion - Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - 18th - 24th September 2017

irstupid said:
Faelco said:

I hope you're joking (we can never be sure these days). Otherwise you compare blindly 2 different games and think that this comparison is worth something? That's not how it works.


Like I said, crappy games sell like crap. If Capcom releases good games on PS4, they will sell well, like all the huge sellers that we've seen lately on this console. 

Too bad that is not how executives think. They see their game selling bad on a system and their conclusion is one of two things.

1. The franchise is dead/caput, make no more of said game.

2. Our games don't sell well on that system, move to another system.

No where do they think, "hmm, if only we made the game better, or had less microtransaction woudl it sell better"

BTW, I heard that one of the big reasons for Worlds on consoles is because they feel that they can do microtransactions more on that system versus on handhelds. SO don't be surprised if we soon hear about some of that fun stuff closer to release. You know how WB ruined Shadow of War and NBA 2k18 is ruined by micro's.

Not always. Especially for some japanese developers that take pride in their work.

A good example is FFXIV. The original release was a travesty and really put a dent in their pride.  They wanted to show that they could make an acceptable game and redid the entire thing, despite the costs.

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Capcom needs to bring fighting games back to Nintendo.
Switch would be a great home for them.

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gabzjmm23 said:

really sad Japan numbers. I mean it is not that high. come on japanese people buy more console games. enough of mobile. :)

In fairness this is always one of the slowest periods of the year for hardware sales. 

spurgeonryan said:
Capcom needs to bring fighting games back to Nintendo.
Switch would be a great home for them.

I actually think a good amount of Capcom fans will eventully own a Switch.  Not because they hate Sony or Microsoft but because a lot of the people that grew up on Capcom's biggest franchises up to, and including, the 6th gen (before they started their downward trend) are now adults that don't have the time to invest in traditional console gaming while the Switch sidesteps this problem by allowing adults to game wherever or whenever they have free time with console quality games.  In fact, I think a lot of genres that are supposedly dying out such as fighters, sidescrollers, platformers, JRPG's and horror games would have success on the Switch.

Nautilus said:

First of all what Im talking about a franchise which is about as easy to predict its sucess on a hybrid system as MH.MHW would sell gangbusters on the Switch.DW 9 is not a garantee by any means, and its developed by another company(Koei), which already has a mosuo game comming to the Switch that has a higher chance to appeal to that audience than DW 9(Which would be FE Warriors).

For DQ XI, its most likely because they already have the 3DS version as the portable option, so there wouldnt be the need to rush its release, for as much as this sucks.That in turns would maximize sales, because then you would have the pS4 version on a portable system some months later, which would make the 3DS owners double dip, instead of just jumping to the Switch version instead(My guess obviously).But even then, this goes against the first point you brought up, since DQ XI for Switch was announced before these versions released, and as far as I can see, it didnt canabilize the sales of these said versions.The same could be said for MHW(even though i actually agree with you that this way they will sell more, as shitty as this sounds).

And its not me that thinks porting is easy.Its the countless developers that make actual games that have said so.Of course that easy is relative, since it still take months to bring over the game, depending how big and ambitious said game is, but its nowhere near like bringing to the Wii U( a game it can handle).

I think quoted the wrong post.

anyway, MHW siwtch won't make the january release date. If PC can't how can you think switch version will make it. 

DW 9 is KT big game that will relase at the moment. DW 9 will release early next year but they announce dw8 instead. Why not dw 9 instead? From what I can see here it is not ready.

About DQxi I remember rwading an article that thy encountered a difficulty wih switch  version. That's the reason they focused with the 2 version that is ready. I will look for this article. Again switch version is not yet ready. 

And 3ds sales are underwhelming even SE said it was but they expect a legs but so far there is none. Announcing a switch version might have affect this. as for mh did you forgot about mhxx? Mhw killed it's hyped. Announcing a switch version now will limit it's sales potential. Better announce it later when mhw sales is slowing down.

The bottom line I am trying to make here is mhw switch (if there's one) is not yet ready. MHw is designed for home console. If they want to release mhw swicth  with the same date as other console there will be a delay and mhw won't make the january release. Imo switch will have it's own real mh but not at the moment.  Swich is not even 1 year when mhw will be release.