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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox One demand will surpass supply (Poll included)


How much of an impact will these factors have on demand?

None at all 214 50.23%
A minimal impact 156 36.62%
A significant impact 33 7.75%
A major impact 23 5.40%
Shadow1980 said:
DonFerrari said:


Not to forget that 2017 was a bad year on the start because of X1 reveal.

Yeah. That does certainly seem to be the case. The XBO had only a small YoY decline in 2017, but that decline accelerated starting in June when the X1X was fully revealed:

Interestingly, while the XBO was up YoY for November thanks to the X1X launch, the XBO was still down YoY in December. Supply issues, maybe? The X1X did help the XBO to have its best-ever Q1 and second-best Q2 in 2018, though.

Supressed demand on a console that is still quite healthy can do that.

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