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Forums - Politics Discussion - Would you agree on a pre-emptive strike against North Korea?


A pre-emptive strike against North Korea?

Avoid loss of human lives at all costs! 128 28.64%
NK will never use those w... 147 32.89%
We should stop them befor... 71 15.88%
We should stop NK before NK causes a tragedy. 101 22.60%

I'm pretty sure that Trump will do it once impeachment is imminent so he can stay in power. I don't think what NK does is very relevant. By threatning they have already given him the excuse.

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Ruler said:
VGPolyglot said:

You know, you could do the exact same thing for the opposite, show a picture of a rich part of an African country with a poor part of North Korea.

This isnt even Poenjiang but a smaller town. And if NK is so poor how come they can devolope some nukes then?

Because they have enormously high military expidentures for their GDP.