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Forums - Gaming Discussion - (prediction) The Switch won't see any hardware revisions/variations in its life-cycle whatsoever

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fatslob-:O said:
Miyamotoo said:

Tegra X2 is 16nm and compared to Tegra X1 that is in Switch it's much more energy efficient and has some other improvements. Switch revisions will probably likely use Tegra X2.

Tegra X2 only improves the maximum GPU frequency by 12% within similar TDP range ... 

TSMC's 16nm is actually 20nm with their FinFET technology ... (Tegra X2 in comparison to Tegra X1 is a dud in terms of efficiency improvements) 

This is mostly due to the Denver2 cores (big)/A57 (LITTLE) replacing an A57 (big)/A53 (LITTLE) configuration. A53 consume much less than A57 or the Denver2 cores at same clock speeds.

Since The Switch only uses the A57 cores of the X1, I'm pretty sure they would do the same on a X2. For same consumption Switch on an X2 would probably be able to raise CPU clock speed to 1.3-1.5Ghz and GPU clocks to aprroximatively 450Mhz (handheld mode)/1000Mhz (Docked), which all in all would be a 30-45% increase to the X1

I predict a docked only variation of the console for those who do not require handheld. Make this happen I wanna play oddessy and botw

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