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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you ever wish the console wars were closer?


Do you wish the sales were closer?

Yes. Those were great times! 87 39.55%
No. Microsoft and Nintend... 66 30.00%
Sony doesn't need compet... 39 17.73%
I like that we all own th... 16 7.27%
I'm a PC gamer. Pay attention to me! 12 5.45%

I miss the 7th generation console sales wars threads and the detailed analysis of how the PS3 or the Xbox 360 was going to magically chase down the Wii and capture an epic win in the console sales wars. The celebration of the Wii gaining 0.1% extra market share and edging towards the elusive 50% market share were great days.

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Azelover said:

Not really. If you ask me to be completely honest.

What I really want is a Nintendo monopoly so that everybody has to put their games on Nintendo systems. And I'm not even a fan of Nintendo, I just want one more generation like that.

The last time it happened, it was pretty damn good. Probably the best it's ever been for gaming.

When there's a lot of competition, every damn game maker wants to make similar things better than one another. I don't consider that true evolution, it's a waste of fucking time and money for everyone.

If Nintendo actually bothered to include decent hardware in their consoles, they probably would get more multiplats ported.
It also doesn't help that consumers don't seem to go gangbusters over 3rd party releases on Nintendo consoles anyway, which makes the financial incentive difficult.

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theprof00 said:
JRPGfan said:

It seems the lessons they learnt are;

Console bussiness isnt worth the effort, so keep the franchises that make lots of money (halo,gears,forza) and slowly try to move everything to the windows store, and get the console gamers there too (steam is very profitable, MS wants to be that).

Multiplayer and games as services, make money for along time, and you can have micro transactions help you turn profits, so everything should just go that way, I mean it only makes sense from a bussiness perspective right? So all games from now on they make, will be like that.

Maybe Im just being a negative nancy, but it really seems that way to me.

Welllll, MS has always been a game dev/publisher, and they decided to enter the console market because they thought that consoles were going to kill the PC. Instead, Mobile took a far bigger chunk out of the PC market, which completely negated MS' original plan (which was to take down Sony, and thereby push users back to PC). History will tell us that what actually happened was that mobile hurt PC MORE than Sony, and Steam was actually the one that began revitalizing PCs.

Meanwhile, MS went deep into the red on xbox, and took all their own games off PC. Now they're trying to go back to PC, but everyone in the PC market is now trying to market windows alternatives....which is what got MS worried about their future in the first place. MS was never about the console market, they were trying to prevent the softening of Windows sales.

MS have enemies on all sides now and garnered themselves a pretty bad image in the process.

What MS needs to do is work on windows. Make deals where they can, sell their games and apps, and focus on profits. Instead of making windows an obvious choice, they're putting a leash around their customers and telling them they have to do what they say, or they don't get new content. The mainstream simply doesn't respond well to that kind of control (unless it's apple).

Brilliant. Well done. :)



NATO said:
d21lewis said:

Jeez. What do you want from me?

a tall glass of the coke in your fridge and half of the joint you have hidden behind the tv cabinet.

My treasure!?! You've gone too far, NATO. Too far!

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No. Apparently there is nothing to gain from a balanced constellation. At least not with current console manufacturers and distribution services. 7th gen and beyond is proof to that. The number of iconic games and franchises it produced is staggeringly low.

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