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Forums - NSFW Discussion - What drugs have you used?


Have you ever used illegal drugs?

Yes 25 34.72%
No 47 65.28%
VGPolyglot said:

So, wouldn't that mean you're a weakling for using it for recreational use?

If you mean purely for the substance itself then no ... 

Smokers, alcoholics, intravenous use or other usage of illicit substances and etc is what I was referring to by "recreational" usage and these users are indeed feeble minded so I have no pity for them ... 

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Weed and booze. I smoke more than I drink but I don't do either that frequently. I guess caffeine if you want to count it.

Back in high school I used to drink cough syrup, do triple c's and I would do whippets but I haven't done that in well over a get high....whippets are basically laughing gas, which I have used at the dentist office (which to be honest, I didn't realize it was the same thing until I started hearing the womping noises).

My dentist put me on an opiate for pain after I had a tooth extracted and that shit isn't for me. Triple C's were also pretty bad because they felt like dexing (drinking cough syrup) only you lose more control of your bodily functions. I don't think I could ever be a pill popper. xD