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Would you rather lose sight in one eye or lose hearing entirely?

I would rather lose sight in one of my eyes 236 89.39%
I would rather lose heari... 28 10.61%

What about one ear and 50% of one eye's sight?






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WrathofTank said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Lived my whole life with sight in just one eye, honestly it's grand, your brain adjusts and you learn to compensate for certain things, like... when someone lobs you a ball you learn how to perfectly... duck out of the way, rather than try and fail to catch it :D

Also video games are great with just 1 eye because everything is on a flat panel with just an illusion of depth :) my world is the same as what you see on your monitor basically.

That said.... I am very very careful obviously to mind my remaining eye... the thought of it being damaged in a accident of any kind is a huge worry to me.



@OP should I technically vote for losing hearing? because if I lost sight in one eye... I would be fresh out of eyes.

Yes I think you should technically vote for losing hearing!  Unless you would prefer being blind over being deaf.

I think you are the first person in here to have a legit reason for not losing sight in one eye!

Indeed if I was going into an accident and could some how choose to lose my remaining eye or lose my hearing I would happily choose to be deaf in an instant. I've lived 34 years with sound and could frankly have a few quiet years. I couldn't enjoy what I do without my vision.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

Well if I lose one eye, the other eye will have to work extra hard and probably soon go out as well.

Hearing and then wait for a scientific break through.

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Can one eyed people drive?

Thats the only possible downside, but this is easy.

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I rest my case.

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barneystinson69 said:

Can one eyed people drive?

Thats the only possible downside, but this is easy.

Yes one eye people can drive.

Just closed one of my eyes to test. Not that bad actually. Don't even know why i've got 2 eyes... Maybe it's in case someone asks me if I'd rather lose sight in one eye or lose my hearing entirely.

Lose sight in one eye. That's a very easy choice for me honestly.