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Luke888 said:
bigtakilla said:
It's about time for another Just Dance isn't it?

already announced AND confirmed for Switch at E3.


I still wish they made a port of South Park for the Switch, it runs on snowdrop which is the same engine as Mario + Rabbids, plus it's not as demanding to run so porting it would be easier than say Steep which we heard they had trouble bringing over...

Well, that'd be something I guess.

Soundwave said:

Good lord, the Wii certainly had some trash on it

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Soundwave said:

Ubi don't make that kind of games for quiet time now, right!?

SegataSanshiro said:
well it won't be the new Beyond Good and Evil judging by those visuals we got in the demo shown a a couple weeks post E3.

Lol, the draw distance would be soooo bad

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Miyamotoo said:
Soundwave said:

Ubi don't make that kind of games for quiet time now, right!?

If I had to make guess, it would be that the game is going to be the next 2d Rayman, and it will be exclusive to Switch for a year or so before it hits other platforms.

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Definitely hoping for Rayman, and making it exclusive wouldn't shock me either. Hopefully all leading to him finally being included in Smash.

.....Do I sense a Ubisoft Direct coming soon?

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